Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tues - March 1 - Maurice is breathing on his own

Family and Friends,

Keep those prayers going  because Maurice is breathing on his own, Praise the Lord.

We are excited and accepting the simple meaning of life right now.

Maurice is getting stronger day by day.  Looking at him can still make us feel fearful, sad, anxious, etc but to hear he is breathing on his own.  Hallelujah :-)

He had more dialysis today to assist with his kidney failure and this will also help the swelling.


Maurice is breathing on his own, huge development in the right direction.

We are giving thanks, each day is a new day.


  1. This is wonderful to hear! Hang in there everyone! Sending Love, Prayers, Hugs from Selena & Family. Come on Maurice!! Keep Fighting Cuz!!!

  2. I would continue to pray for Maurice. Every improvement counts.Nothing is too hard for the Lord!! Love ya Ingrid