Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sun - Maurice is getting much needed rest

Family and Friends,

All the calls, texts, bb's, voicenotes, voicemails, emails are received with love, we thank you.  We may not always answer, it is not because we are not appreciative, we are overjoyed with the support but also overwhelmed.

Maurice is looking better but very tired, he slept most of today.  His pressure went high again early this morning and they put him back on the ventilator to assist with breathing.  They only expect to have him on it for the day.

He also received dialysis which seems to make him more tired.

I will continue to update every other day at the moment.

Lots of love and heart warmth thanks.

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  1. Sorry guyz, just found out about the blog.... Please know that we have him in are prayers, can't leave the US for 6 months at best due to my new status. Please let him know BJ (his Godson) says he loves and misses him and me too...

    Stay strong and text me anytime please
    1-214-463-1836 and I'll ring you back.

    Love Ya'll
    Bryan Joell A.K.A Pigeon