Friday, March 4, 2011

Fri - March 4 - Maurice is staying strong

Family and Friends,

Thank you so much for all the love and support.

We have been waiting for Maurice to get strong enough to come home and that happened last night.  Maurico came back with his dad via air ambulance.  Maurice is in Bermuda, back in ICU. 

At this time we are asking that NO one go to see him.  We apology to all but we have to protect Maurice and make sure he is stable enough.  At times he gets excited and his pressure will go up, so less visiting and more prayers.  Once he is able to be off out of ICU we will discuss visiting and what is best going forward.

Maurice is breathing on his own and needs all the energy he has to get better right now.

His parents visited him tonight and think he looks good.  The swelling has gone down a lot.

Maurice definitely seems like he wants to talk to us, there are very small movements that makes it seem like he is responding to us.  He moves his head side to side when looking and it seems like he is really trying to concentrate on focusing now.

Maurice is NOT talking.  He is still unresponsive on the left side but getting a little stronger on his right.

Next week we will start discussing long term rehab.

Thanks for the support during Maurice's Journey back to us, it is going to be a long journey but we are keeping hope and continuing the prayers.

Lots of Love

Maurice's family

Note - Yes, I will continue to keep the blog going, this is a long journey and we know we have family and friends overseas that are praying and sending their love and support also.  I want everyone to feel they are a part of Maurice's recovery, you reading is showing us and him that you are.  :-)

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  1. We are glad to know that he is back in Bermuda. We will continue to keep him in our prayers. Thank you for continuing the blog that is very important to us. We send Maurice our love and prayers. Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Harriett & Diahann