Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wed - March 2, Maurice is looking better

Family and Friends,

Thank you, we appreciate the continued support.

Maurice is looking better, less swelling - Dialysis is working.  He will have to do dialysis for the rest of his life.  He will need another shave soon :-)

He is able to move his head side to side now as he looks at us.  Any movement he makes is extremely slow but we must remember the energy it takes for him to think about what to do once he has heard it is more than we can imagine.  This is a new Maurice and we have to be patient and caring during this time.

He is still breathing on his own, so definitely getting stronger.

We get this question often - Is he talking?  NO - The neurology team are unable to tell us if he will.

Family and Friends this is serious.  Maurice is in for a long journey back, could be years.........  And at this time we do not know if he will talk, walk, read, hug etc, it is day to day.  We can continue to pray, send best wishes, share our positive calming energy and tell him We Love Him.

Thanks again, with Love His Family

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