Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, Feb 27 - Maurice wants to talk

Family and Friends,

When I put the stats on the page I would never have imagined, over 1000 hits, you truly do not know what that means to us, thank you.

I knew they said Maurice was swollen but wow, in my opinion (Marcia) he looks like a sumo wrestler in training, it is unbelievable how swollen he is.  He had dialysis yesterday and the nurses said his swelling should go down this week.

Maurice definitely knows when we are there, you can tell he gets excited.

Today I was talking to him and said "so what are the nurses calling you, Maurice or Pringle?  I think today's team is saying Maurice."  All of a sudden it looked like he was answering me :-)  Mechele then held his hand and said if you love me squeeze my hand, and he did hard :-)  He couldn't stop trying to talk (remember this is our opinion, not clinical feedback)

The Nurse came in and told us we are getting him to excited, try not to make him talk, we are making his pressure go up.

So we have to remember minimum is best.  Maurice looks anxious and sad at times, wish we knew what he was thinking.

Overall I want to say it was a good day.

Thanks again for all the support.

Lots of Love,

Maurice's family

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