Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank you - Still Missing him.............

We would like to thank everyone who supported Maurice's family during this emotional time.

All those that gave to LCCA, what an amazing gesture, we are so thankful.

Still missing him.

Will love him forever.

On behalf of the family again, thank you.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

RIP - Maurice

October 21, 1965 - May 17, 2012

You will miss your son, brother, father, uncle, friend, lover, cousin, Godpa, acquaintance, hang out partner but we have to be grateful for knowing and spending quality time with Maurice, keep those memories.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Voice Back and Eating

Family and Friends,

The speech and swallow therapy worked :-)  Maurice started on pureed food this weekend, he is not impressed with it but another step in the right direction of his journey back.  Also, his voice is back, he has been used to signalling with his hand so try to get him to talk, only 1 or 2 words at a time but he can talk. 

Food or liquid with a little texture is better for him, no water or juice as he may choke on it.  Anyone willing to assist with lunch or dinner time please let the family know. 

Maurice still does not have the strength to move his left side but he does have feeling, most times it is painful.  He is getting therapy for this also.

Maurice is on the 4th floor - Cooper Ward.  It is a great time for Maurice to start getting visitors.  Please pray with him, offer positive thoughts, happy stories etc.

Thanks again for all the support, remember this will be a long journey.

Love you lots


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday - June 9 Maurice is back on the mend

Family and Friends,

Maurice is slowly getting better again.  I know a few have been to see him and were discouraged, remember Maurice needs us to optimistic and show him love and support. 

He is out of ICU and on Cooper Ward now, 4th floor.

Maurice is trying to speak again, 1-2 words at a time but again success, an emotional roller coaster with a positive outcome to come.

He is having swallow and speech therapy, physical therapy and the medical teams are always positive.

Keep praying, thanks for the support.

Lots of love

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday - May 16, Please accept my apologies

Family and Friends,

I have been overwhelmed with keeping up the blog, going to see Maurice, keeping the balance of comforting him, family, finances and work.

I know some have used this to keep up on Maurice's journey and to continue to send the prayers and support.  Please accept my apologies.

Maurice was doing so well and almost 3 weeks ago he caught MRSA and had to be put in a isolated room.  This is something that occurs within the Wards unfortunately.  Maurice has relapsed now.  As of yesterday his Dr felt it best for him to go back to ICU as he has infection and also problems with breathing.

The family have a meeting with the medical and clinical team on Friday.  I will definitely update after.

Thanks again for all the support, I am so happy for life but the acceptance of the long journey is taking its toll.

Lots of Love

Marcia and Family

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 - 2 steps forward 3 steps back

Family and Friends,

I am sorry for not updating more often.  I had great news to share and had incident with laptop so will have to update from work.

I will start with the GOOD NEWS.

On Thursday the therapy team had Maurice in the gym.  For the first time he was haulsted up to his feet slowly, they will be working on his posture and strength to eventually stand.  He favours his right side when looking so he needs to be reminded to look to the left.  They had coloured cones that he needed to move from the right stack to the left stack, this took much concentration for Maurice.

Maurice is feeling pain in his left side.  This is great news because it means he can feel, so there is hope.

Also, as he was being wheel chaired back to the Ward, his therapist took him outside.  It was such a beautiful Bermudaful day.  First time outside since the incident, can you believe 2 months ago.


Maurice seemed like he was catching something over the weekend, we are waiting for test results but he sounds like he may have the flu, chest infection etc.  :-( 

Keep praying, we appreciate it.

Lots of Love

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday - April 3: Maurice is encouraged

Family and Friends,

Maurice is off the oxygen and been handling very well so it is official, he can get the trach tube out of his throat, sometime this week.

Maurice has been talking more and more, at times it is hard to understand but he is communicating and understands what is going on.  The prayers, support and love are amazing, God is good, thank you so much.  We are thankful.

When you are visiting, the therapy team have requested we try to be on his left side to get Maurice to become more aware and to try look over to his left.  We know Maurice can see but it is unsure how far from mid-line to his left.  He definitely is able to focus more.

We have to remember he came from may not survive to day to day, strength to strength, getting better, miracles do happen.

As soon as the trach is out of his throat I would think Maurice would be happy to see all family and friends.  He does still get tired quickly, we have to remember the importance of sleep for his recovery.  It is still a long road but Maurice is fighting.  Continue to encourage him.

Note - He is back from Boston, out of ICU and now on Curtis Ward.

Lots of Love