Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18 - Almost ready to breathe on his own

Family and Friends,

We continue to give thanks to everyone.

The hardest for us is not knowing how to comfort Maurice and how much he understands but we are taking it day to day and praying for his strength.

The medical team put the feeding tube in Maurice's stomach so this will allow him to get stronger also.

The positive is that they continue trying to take Maurice off the ventilator, he is on the lowest setting, in order for him to breathe completely on his own.  He is not ready yet but could be any moment now.

He is still giving us Thumbs up....


  1. long as there is a God, there is still hope :) Be encouraged family we realize how difficult this time may be...feeling helpless not being able to do more, but just you all being there gives Maurice strength to endure. He will have his chance to tell you all that too :)

  2. Hello Marcia, My heart goes out to you and your family because in 2006 i went thro the same stress when my husband suffered a massive stroke which affected him to the point that he was completely alert but could only blink his eyes.He was also at the Lahey, He couldn't breathe,swallow, eat or move anything...The same treatment Maurice is having is sooo familiar. Do not lose faith.Be supportive and don't give up... All the best.You'll will be in my prayers.