Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, Feb 15 - Trach put in throat

Family and Friends,

Remember we are not clinical so some spellings maybe incorrect or abbreviated.

Maurice looked alert this morning, moving his eyes all around, following your voice, watching the tv etc.

The Neurology team (primarily dealing with function of his brain) came in and tested him, he gave them a thumbs up on the right. (Left side still unresponsive)  He may be slow at times in doing what asked but he does get there most times.  Eg.  giving thumbs up, wiggling toes

Today at 3pm another team came in to put a trach in his throat to assist with breathing, no more tubes in his mouth.  This is a safer and healthier method that will allow him to get better with the pneumonia which he is on antibiotics for.

The medical teams have to be careful with all they give him due to his high blood pressure and chronic kidney failure.

Maurice no longer has a fever which is great.  They are keeping his blood pressure stable.

The Neuro team also said they will discuss a long term rehabilitation process now that they are able to do more tests on him.

Thanks again for the support.

Mechele and Marcia will be back to Bermuda Wednesday, February 16.  Maurico will be here with his father, so pray for Maurico to have the strength to deal with this and for Maurice to gain more strength day to day.


  1. This is a wonderful idea. We are all very much concerned on how Maurice is doing. This is his NY family Diahann (Uncle Ronnie). Please tell him we love him and are praying for him. God is able to do the impossible. Stay strong and be encouraged. Thank you all for keeping us updated, truly appreciate it.

  2. Cousin Di and family, we appreciate it, thanks for the prayers and commenting.

  3. Praise the Lord!! I am so excited to here God is extending His Grace and Mercy once again!! I have to say Thank you Lord, for what you have done and will continue to do with Maurice and family. I thank Him!, I thank Him! As we all continue to pray and trust Him, I know God will continue to hear our prayers.
    I'm so glad we can keep updated in this way. Thank you Marcia and Mechele!! Please give Maurice my love!
    Cousin - Sue James