Monday, February 14, 2011

Beginning of Maurice's Journey

Welcome Family and Friends

We have decided to create this blog in order to update everyone and allow you to follow Maurice's recovery.  We appreciate all the love, prayers and best wishes, it has been an abundance of love sent to Maurice and the family and we feel encouraged.

Administrators of blog will be Marcia (sister), Maurico (son) and Mechele (daughter)

Tuesday, February 8

Maurice had a massive stroke approx 6pm.  Bleeding and pressure on the brain.  We were told he may not survive.

Wednesday and Thursday

Was in Bermuda ICU.  Thank you to the medical team.

Friday, February 11

Maurice was flown out by air ambulance 11pm, Maurico flew with him and the flight medics.

Saturday, Feb 12

Mechele and Marcia flew out to join and support Maurico.


Medical Update presently

Maurice is not out of the 'woods' yet but there is glimmer of hope.  He is unresponsive and mostly under sedation.  His pressure went up again last night so they sedated him more.

Please pray for Maurice to get strong enough to take the tube out of his throat.  He is breathing on his own but they are assisting him due to the damage and stress to his body.

He also has pneumonia now so is on antibiotics.

Maurice is unresponsive on his left side but if we ask to wiggle his toes to respond to us he does, which is positive.  He definitely can hear us.

There was a little bleeding from an ulcer in his stomach but it stopped on its own.  The Dr's are not going to intervene due to the pressure and bleeding on the brain.  This is their main priority in order to have Maurice completely stable and breathing on his own.

Thanks again for the continued support, we will try to update daily, late at night or early mornings.

We are happy to receive comments here.

Lots of Love

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