Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday - May 16, Please accept my apologies

Family and Friends,

I have been overwhelmed with keeping up the blog, going to see Maurice, keeping the balance of comforting him, family, finances and work.

I know some have used this to keep up on Maurice's journey and to continue to send the prayers and support.  Please accept my apologies.

Maurice was doing so well and almost 3 weeks ago he caught MRSA and had to be put in a isolated room.  This is something that occurs within the Wards unfortunately.  Maurice has relapsed now.  As of yesterday his Dr felt it best for him to go back to ICU as he has infection and also problems with breathing.

The family have a meeting with the medical and clinical team on Friday.  I will definitely update after.

Thanks again for all the support, I am so happy for life but the acceptance of the long journey is taking its toll.

Lots of Love

Marcia and Family

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