Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday - April 3: Maurice is encouraged

Family and Friends,

Maurice is off the oxygen and been handling very well so it is official, he can get the trach tube out of his throat, sometime this week.

Maurice has been talking more and more, at times it is hard to understand but he is communicating and understands what is going on.  The prayers, support and love are amazing, God is good, thank you so much.  We are thankful.

When you are visiting, the therapy team have requested we try to be on his left side to get Maurice to become more aware and to try look over to his left.  We know Maurice can see but it is unsure how far from mid-line to his left.  He definitely is able to focus more.

We have to remember he came from may not survive to day to day, strength to strength, getting better, miracles do happen.

As soon as the trach is out of his throat I would think Maurice would be happy to see all family and friends.  He does still get tired quickly, we have to remember the importance of sleep for his recovery.  It is still a long road but Maurice is fighting.  Continue to encourage him.

Note - He is back from Boston, out of ICU and now on Curtis Ward.

Lots of Love

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  1. Amen, wonderful news! Still praying :) God is great.
    Love Di