Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 - 2 steps forward 3 steps back

Family and Friends,

I am sorry for not updating more often.  I had great news to share and had incident with laptop so will have to update from work.

I will start with the GOOD NEWS.

On Thursday the therapy team had Maurice in the gym.  For the first time he was haulsted up to his feet slowly, they will be working on his posture and strength to eventually stand.  He favours his right side when looking so he needs to be reminded to look to the left.  They had coloured cones that he needed to move from the right stack to the left stack, this took much concentration for Maurice.

Maurice is feeling pain in his left side.  This is great news because it means he can feel, so there is hope.

Also, as he was being wheel chaired back to the Ward, his therapist took him outside.  It was such a beautiful Bermudaful day.  First time outside since the incident, can you believe 2 months ago.


Maurice seemed like he was catching something over the weekend, we are waiting for test results but he sounds like he may have the flu, chest infection etc.  :-( 

Keep praying, we appreciate it.

Lots of Love

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