Sunday, June 26, 2011

Voice Back and Eating

Family and Friends,

The speech and swallow therapy worked :-)  Maurice started on pureed food this weekend, he is not impressed with it but another step in the right direction of his journey back.  Also, his voice is back, he has been used to signalling with his hand so try to get him to talk, only 1 or 2 words at a time but he can talk. 

Food or liquid with a little texture is better for him, no water or juice as he may choke on it.  Anyone willing to assist with lunch or dinner time please let the family know. 

Maurice still does not have the strength to move his left side but he does have feeling, most times it is painful.  He is getting therapy for this also.

Maurice is on the 4th floor - Cooper Ward.  It is a great time for Maurice to start getting visitors.  Please pray with him, offer positive thoughts, happy stories etc.

Thanks again for all the support, remember this will be a long journey.

Love you lots


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